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found this game on steam and decided to check it out got a couple problems.

1. ran in to a glitch where hitting the "fire" button causes the menu to pop up every time

2. Personally feel like right click should activate your ability and left click throws the sword/brings it back

3. for the spider i feel like i should be able to aim the sword with my mouse

4. hitboxes feel a bit off especially the bird the wings should count as a hitbox

Aside from that looks interesting enough though i do have a couple questions.

1. i saw bosses in the trailer and was wondering if there was going to be platforming sections like super meat boy?

2. is this a metroidvainia or is it more of a side scroller with a level based system

3. will this game have costomizable keyboard and mouse controls. (Know some games dont and it pisses me off)

Thanks in advance

I saw this game profiled on Cliqist and I'm really looking forward to it! Is it still on track for a... um... February 2017 release?

(More seriously I hope it's still under active development, it looks great and I love the concept)


Oh dang I really need to update my page! I've got a new demo and everything....

It's really not on track for that Feb 2017 date hehe

But, I'm still working on it! It's just taking a while thanks to life throwing a bunch of stuff my way. Aiming for early next year now. Most likely March/April

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Nice demo! i did a gameplay in Spanish

The graphics and the gameplay feels better on "Mable: The Journey", although this has the intention to be more "story mode". Try to work more on the level design, and it will be an awesome game.

Thanks Highland - that's exactly what I am working on at the minute :)

The download didn't seem to work for me, I run windows 8 if that means anything

Hmm, I know GameMaker stuff has had problems with Avast if you use that? I had Avast on my old laptop and GM stuff just wouldn't open when I clicked on it. Did it give you any kind of error messages?

On mac, a message keeps coming up that says the file is damaged and can't be opened. Please help!

I had this same problem, is a fix ever gonna come?

Deffinitly something I'll check out when I get the chance

game don't work on itch app

i create an account just to make this review, so there it goes (pardon my english)

well done game indeed, i realy like the scenary and the combat/combo/play with monsters placement system, the OST need some improvemets, but it's in the right direction (too loud, long time playing this can give someone headaches) but give me a feeling of Chrono Trigger Secret of the Forest song.

and so... the CONS... the it's to much artificial difficulty so. you are not leading or inducting no one to be aware the game range of multithings that they can do in any situation, they are just there to someone maybe... MAYBE discover. don't do tutorials, games nowadays don't have tutorials, but they have "game progression".

i have a realy good idea (the best ideas in the world are stole someone ideas) if you press a Button (and the game slows), and you can control where you want to trow your sword with the joystic or keyarrows... the puzzles will be even amazings. just like that

well, it's just a prealpha game, it lacks tons of things, but it's a realy promissing game that i want to play... if the game will have a history i want to know, why i'm killing thoses monsters, why i'm need to go foward... games need thoses things.

It keeps telling me to press 'fire'; sorry to ask such a silly question, but what d you mean? as in, which key?

That's cool, don't worry! Fire is shift, space, control, enter or left click on the mouse (or the gamepad button - A on an Xbox pad, X on a Playstation pad).

I love the look and the concept. Wish I could play but don't have a Windows PC :(

Nor do I. It might work in WINE though.

I'll have Linux and Mac builds up in a few weeks - sorry for the delay!

Is a Linux build still coming?


Sorry, it is. I've just not had chance to sort it out yet! I need to have it working on Linux before the alpha launch, so it'll be a week or so from now.

Thanks for the reply. I look forward to that. :)